seaborn-image: image data visualization

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Seaborn-image is a Python image visualization library based on matplotlib and provides a high-level API to draw attractive and informative images quickly and effectively.

It is heavily inspired by seaborn, a high-level visualization library for drawing attractive statistical graphics in Python.

To view example images, check out the gallery page and reference. For specific how-to questions, refer to the tutorial page.

Check out the source code on github. If you come across any bugs/issues, please open an issue.


pip install seaborn-image

Quick Usage

Visualize 2-D images

import seaborn_image as isns

"""Global settings for images"""
isns.set_image(cmap="deep", despine=True)

pol = isns.load_image("polymer")

"""Image with a scalebar"""
ax = isns.imgplot(pol, dx=0.01, units="um")

"""Get basic image stats"""
isns.imgplot(data, describe=True)

Visualize image distribution

f = isns.imghist(pol)

Multi-dimensional images

cells = isns.load_image("cells")

g = isns.ImageGrid(cells, slices=[10, 20, 30, 40])

For more information check out examples in tutorial, api and gallery.

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